Addressable vs. Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Which one is the right choice for your application?

In residential and commercial settings, fire alarm systems serve as indispensable tools for detecting and promptly notifying individuals of fire emergencies. Conventional and addressable fire alarms are the two prominent choices available, which feature their own unique pros and cons. Choosing the right system will ultimately depend on the needs of your home or business, as well as your budget.

Conventional fire alarm systems will recognize different zones in your building, without knowing which specific device in that zone triggered an alarm. Meanwhile, addressable fire alarm control panels are considered more ‘intelligent’ and can report which device or detector in your building triggered an alarm. This means that you can pinpoint the precise location of a disaster, and this also simplifies the troubleshooting process, since devices reporting a fault can be quickly located. While conventional systems can save you costs in the short term from not having to upgrade, addressable systems can increase the speed of responding to a fire, which can save lives and your business.

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